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Dr. Art Kellerman and Leila Taaffe Holiday Concert
performed by the VCU Health Orchestra

available online beginning Tue 12/22 @ 1pm thru Thu 12/31 @ 10pm
FREE stream at


Dr. Art Kellermann and Leila Taaffe invite you to attend a special holiday concert by the VCU Health Orchestra performing your favorite holiday music as a “Thank you for your steadfast and compassionate service to our patients, education of our trainees, VCU’s mission and the health of the Commonwealth.”

Special Guest Soloists:

Alan Saul Saucedo Estrada, Miho Sato de Saucedo, Pablo Talamante

VCU Health Orchestra:

String soloists:  Alan Saul Saucedo Estrada, Natalia OBrien, Miho Sato de Saucedo / Tenor vocalist: Pablo Talamante / French horns: Theresa Erichsen, George Harple / Flutes: Kathleen Kreutzer, Neil Budinger / Brass: Jeff Erway, Stan Goldberg, Kara Dods, George Harple, Theresa Erichsen, Anne Williams, Brent Williams, Rachel Artman, Paul Budinger, Bob Bowie, Will Pattie / Pianist: Sharon Cole Berg

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