Thu, Fri, Sat, July 26 - July 28 @ 7:30pm (& 2pm on Sat)


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They play with illusion and bend reality.
They practice the art of joyful deception.
They are storytellers, philosophers, clowns, and poets.
They will fool you, make you laugh, and lead you to wonder if all of life is just one big trick.
David London and Harley Newman proudly present The Tricksters.


Prepare to be Bamboozled!

Harley Newman has been called the "zen-master of sideshow." He's earned international recognition for his unique approach to stunt performance, and through countless live and television appearances has been seen by billions of people worldwide.

David London has been called a "mad genius magician." He combines the art of illusion with storytelling, comedy, and surrealism to create truly original theatrical performances which he presents across the USA.

David and Harley have been friends for nearly 20 years. Whenever they are together they proudly bounce off the walls and dream of impossible things.