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Tony Bryant art opening

Tue March 7 @ 9:30pm to 10:30pm


Tonyelle (Tony) Bryant was born in Richmond on March 7, 1993.

Tony is a self-taught artist who discovered her artistic talents in May of 2019 when she sold her very first painting online. From that moment on, Tony not only gravitated towards art but she also realized she had found her soul’s purpose -- Art.

Tony has a 13 year old daughter Ta’neek who is also an artist. Tony’s daughter struggles with mental health issues and uses her creative thinking skills as a therapeutic tool. Ta'neek has her own unique style and Tony brings her along to her different art shows/events to encourage and inspire her to continue being an artist.
Tony loves art and kids so much that she became an art teacher at the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond.

Tony considers herself to be a master colorist who mixes different textures, colors, symbolism, and crystal in epoxy resin art which then creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind 3D paintings on canvas and wood panels. Tony is an abstract artist who incorporates different colors and crystals to create fun, happy, and creative art.
She’s inspired to be different.

tony bryant art flier.jpg
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