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a new play by Gary Atkinson

directed by Todd Labelle

Sat-Mon, July 13-15 @ 7:30pm

$15 adv / $20 day of

*This is a workshop production*

What do homeless people say to you when you pass them on the street? What do they say to get you to give them your spare change? Do you reach into your pocket? Sometimes? Never? What would they have to say in order for you to give?

Crash is a man who lives this battle of words on the streets every day. Homeless and down on his luck, he is constantly begging for spare change. His fortunes turn when he stumbles upon a book of jokes and finds that these words become his secret weapon. He begins to win this daily battle and people start to give. Once he starts to draw a crowd, who knows what's possible? Somewhere between hope and reality lies this journey and this is his story.  

Jimmy Mellow 
Jen Calhoun
Rachel Williamson
Jon Tripp
Libby Wilbur
Devon Parker

Production Team:
Todd Labelle - Director
Taylor Shoemaker - Scenic Design
Hannah Folech - Costume Design
Dana Rice - Lighting Design
Sky Horne - Crew
Dylan Burks - Stage Manager

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