So today was a pretty big day for this Residency.

To start with the morning paper featured a review of The Boatwright that called it “brilliant,” “bold” and “a masterpiece.”

Now, I’ve gotten plenty of reviews in my life, calling me everything from “witless” to “lucid” (which, though meant as a compliment, felt rather like being called “breathing.”) to “great fun”… but one learns to treat them more as a weather report than as a diagnosis from a leading cardiologist. If you put too much stock in them, the ups and downs will simply kill you.

Still. In your private heart of hearts, you fantasize about that perfect review you’d like to get someday…. and this morning’s piece by Tony Farrell came awfully close to that mark. So, thanks for starting my week off so nicely, Tony. :)

(I can’t echo Tony’s praise of the script-- not in public anyway-- but I surely echo his praise of the production. Gary Hopper and the design team and the cast did and are doing work that’s simply splendid, and it’s thrilling to see.)

Then! Joel Bassin and I published our Facebook announcement inviting area theatre artists to join what we’re calling “The Working Group” which was our best solution to the fact that a playwright in residence should ideally be able to work with a company of artists. Firehouse doesn’t have a resident company per se, but the Working Group will (we hope) be an ad-hoc collective of people who are invested in helping new work test itself as it climbs clumsily to its feet. The Working Group has its own closed Facebook page, but anyone who wants in can get in simply by asking, and the interest just in the last few hours has been very gratifying.

There’s plenty to juggle. I’ll be attending several more performances of The Boatwright and leading a couple of the Acts of Faith talkbacks, and then I’ve got the two other plays I’ll be writing for Firehouse that I should probably spend time on (!) plus I’m writing a couple of training films (I’m expected to make at least a teensy bit of money around the house) and I have other projects that are on the distant horizon, but those distances shrink every day.


It’s an exciting time to be a Playwright In Residence.

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