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K Dance



world premiere play in four dances by Irene Ziegler, choreographed by Kaye Weinstein Gary

Fri Nov 18 @ 7:30pm

Sat Nov 19 @ 3pm and 7:30pm 

(all shows include post performance talkbacks)

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​MISTAKES AND HOW TO MAKE THEM is comprised of four interconnected pieces titled “Always Obey,” “Fall in Love with the Wrong Person,” “Stay in it Too Long,” and “Harbor Resentments.” “Always Obey” is set in 1957 and focuses on a hyperactive child who fantasizes about doing something great someday to prove to her parents that she deserved to be born. “Fall in Love with the Wrong Person” is set in 1970 when a young woman tries (too hard) to please her lover. “Stay in it Too Long” is set in 2000 and focuses on a woman who’s trying to keep up with a world that’s changing all around her. “Harbor Resentments” is set in 2022 and reminds us to celebrate our imperfect lives.


The performers in MISTAKES AND HOW TO MAKE THEM are Mara Barrett, Laurel Maughan, Jen Meharg, and Kaye Weinstein Gary.

Now in its ninth year, K Dance’s SHORTS “challenges performers to express themselves through words and dance and treats the audience to a delightfully diverse evening of performances” (Julinda D. Lewis 2019 review RVArt).

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