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Revolutionary Etudes

music series streaming live from Firehouse

Wed, Aug 26, Sept 2, Sept 9 @ 7:30pm

$15/concert or $30 for all 3

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Wed, Aug 26 @ 7:30pm

Gary Kalar and Pippin Barnett

​rare string instruments and percussion

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Pippin Barnett and Gary Kalar will concoct a fusion of open improvisation, Middle Eastern and Bulgarian music, and whatever else may tickle their fancy. Kalar's "Turkish banjos" and Barnett's other-worldy percussion and drumming take the audience from soundscape to serpentine melodies to labyrinthine rhythms and everywhere in between.

Gary Kalar has been making music as a performer and composer for over 25 years. He's played a broad variety of styles with diverse musicians from all over the world, including Mucca Pazza, Selim Sesler, Lamajamal with Ronnie Malley, and countless other projects. Kalar performs on guitar, mandolin, and a variety of Turkish and Bulgarian instruments.

Pippin Barnett has been playing drums with some of the avant-garde's most beloved groups and composers for over 40 years. As a member of Curle, Orthotonics, and Nimal, as well as drumming for Fred Frith, John Zorn, Nicollas Collins, and many others, Barnett has played all over the map, figuratively and literally.

Wed, Sept 2 @ 7:30pm

Scott Clark and Friends

featuring Laura Ann Sigh (vocals), Adam Hopkins (bass), and Bob Miller (trumpet)

jazz and experimental music

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Drummer and composer, Scott Clark keeps time in the balance. His performances behind the kit are generous and empathetic, establishing his voice immediately upon striking the surface. It is rare to find art that is both formally rigorous and aesthetically vital, but Clark thrives in this project, engineering frameworks for lucid, active songs, drawing on the performances of his collaborators and the weight of his subject matter. A series of jazz suites have emerged from the study of his own Native ancestry, beginning with Bury My Heart (2016) written in response to Dee Brown’s book of the same title, and continuing with ToNow (2018) written as a contribution to the Standing Rock protests and the unlawful construction of an oil pipeline across Native land. By centering jazz in this historic and ongoing injustice, Clark pulls together a deeply American artform and a deeply American tragedy, yet his project never feels weighed down by its sense of purpose. Protest music that is lucid and nourishing, a rhythmic shape of restless assurance.

"A haunting, reverent quality that is most heartfelt. One of the best debuts I've heard from a previous unknown band." – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"He has this really interesting way of swinging […] it sometimes morphs into rock-ish straight eighths or fractures into free improv freakouts. it always feels totally in control; I sense that his ride cymbal will never let you down. It feels personal to him, and I like that." – NPR’s A Blog Supreme

"A unique combination of imagination, courage, technical mastery, and rhythmic sensibility to another set of strikeable instruments."

– Matthew E. White, Spacebomb Records

Scott Clark is a proud endorser of C&C Custom Drums

Wed, Sept 9 @ 7:30pm

Curt Sydnor "Revolutionary Etudes" album release

featuring Laura Ann Singh (vocals), Adam Hopkins (bass), and Scott Clark (drums)

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Curt Sydnor relocated to Richmond in 2019 after a seven year stint in Brooklyn where he served as a touring keyboardist for artists ranging from indie-folk singer Mirah to the late Janka Nabay (Bubu music pioneer from Sierra Leone). From 2017 to 2019 he collaborated with guitarist Yonatan Gat, drummer Greg Saunier, and bassist Mikey Coltun to reimagine Dvorak's "American" string quartet for improvising rock ensemble, which received its premier at Quebec's FME Festival and New York's Winter Jazz Fest. In 2018 he collaborated with modular synth artist Jad Atoui on his "BioSonics" cycle, which premiered at Brooklyn's National Sawdust on a series curated by John Zorn. Sydnor has released solo albums for ears&eyes (Chicago) and Out of Your Head (Brooklyn/Richmond) record labels. His brand new release, "Revolutionary Etudes," features Miramar and Quattro na Bossa vocalist Laura Ann Singh interpreting music ranging from French electro-pop icons Stereolab to 18th century protestant hymnody. Something Else! Reviews had advance praise for the new record, calling it "subdued but imaginative."



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