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Rabbit Foot Puppetry


Sun April 2 @ 8pm

$10 to $25 pay what you will

click here for tickets


Come one, come all to the circus-revue-clown-horror-puppet-show event of the year! Become shook, revel in delight, and bask in amusement as we roll through existentialism, love, the Cow of Creation, and America’s newest cryptic cryptid.

This performance is suitable for ages 13+


Abby Palen (they/them) as Abby Bingurt Palen

Rachel Hartmann (she/her) as Rachel Evanescence Hartmann

R. Graham Rogers (he/they) as Graham Cracker Sack

Emely (she/they) as Emely Kiwi Casasola

Carter LaCava (they/them) as Carter Mephistopheles LaCava

Alaysha Weldishofer (they/she) as Alaysha DoubleWhammy Weldishofer

Zoe Cotzias (she/they) as Zoe Crybaby Cotzias

Emma Segrest (they/she) as Emma Bowza Segrest

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