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Playback Theatre 

Sat, Nov 23 @ 2pm

$10 adv / $15 day of

Playback is a theatre form where actors and musicians bring to the stage true stories and story fragments that come from the audience.  Playback uses many forms during one show and each one is designed to bring out important elements of each story.  In one form, someone in the audience shares a story from their life, chooses the actors to play the different roles, and then all those present watch the enactment, as the story "comes to life" with musical accompaniment.  At the end, the teller lets us know if we captured the essence of their story.   Playback is a beautiful intersection between theatre, storytelling, and improv. In addition to being a form of entertainment, playback has been used in educational, therapeutic and business settings, as well as to address social justice issues and deal with the aftermath of tragic events. Come to Playback prepared to laugh, be moved, and to hear and share our common stories and experiences.

Larry Goldstein, Founder, Playback Theatre Virginia:

As a performer, Larry wrote and performed original sketches and physical comedy for fifteen years.   In the New Vaudeville tradition, he toured in over twenty states and gave over 2000 shows, many with the support of the NEA and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.  Larry’s theatre training and biggest influences came from Tony Montanaro and Phillipe Gaulier.  They fought to keep their students’ work live, conscious, playful and free of the constraints of the past.   In 1989, he decided to be a director and his first production, “A Lie of the Mind” by Sam Shepard, performed at the Charlottesville High School Black Box, led, in large part, to the founding of the Live Arts Theater, where he still directs.   From 1996 - 2015,  Larry taught upper school theater at Tandem Friends School.  He founded Playback Theatre Virginia in 2017, based on his extensive training with Playback Theatre founder Jonathan Fox.

Playback Theatre Virginia is a performance troupe based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Directed by Larry Goldstein, players include Boomie Pedersen, Deborah Arenstein, Michelle James, Abena Foreman Trice, Kristen Atkins, and Jennifer Peart.

Playback Theatre Virginia Facebook page:

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