an interactive dining affair

Thur, March 15 @ 7pm

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All food is performance art and with no food is this more true than bacon. As Jim Gaffigan once put it, "even the frying of bacon sounds like applause." Bacon is the fulcrum upon which our entire identity pivots. This single food item forces us to grapple with questions of health and indulgence; morality, ethics, and environmental impact; the quality of artisanal foodstuffs vs. the availability and affordability of cheap breakfast meat.  Perhaps more than all of these questions, bacon forces us to take a gamble on the painful sizzle of grease popping onto our bare hands before we can experience that pleasurable, melt-in-your-mouth "snap." Bacon is the edible practice of calculated risk and reward.

We'll be sharing a multi-sensory, 5-7 course dining experience with about 30 guests on the stage of Firehouse. Join us as we share an experience where the interactive "performance" of food elevates an activity we tend to take for granted, into an encounter we won't soon forget.


Tickets to Perform are $93, which includes all craft cocktails, wine pairings, plated courses, surprises, and gratuity for the evening. This ticket price also includes a $10 tax deductible charitable donation to E.A.T. Foundation for use in our ongoing culinary/nutritional education programs.

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