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The Firehouse Crypto Collection 

The Firehouse Crypto Collection is a collection of NFT's on which was made available on July 30, 2021. The source material for the collection are three live world premiere productions. Chris Gavaler's THE ZOMBIE LIFE that ran at Firehouse in August 2021, and two other productions that were created and performed during the pandemic -- THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY by Oscar Wilde adapted by Billy Christopher Maupin and Shirley Kagan, and WALLED IN by Andrew Gall.

​What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token.

​An NFT is a unique digital product that you can own. It's a way to take a digital item like a video, audio file, or GIF and through blockchain technology turn it into a one of a kind, certified original. This makes these digital items collector pieces that can be held on to or traded.

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Why would I want to buy an NFT?

People buy NFTs because they want to own a digital work of art that means something to them, or because they want to support the artist who created the digital work. These digital art objects become collectors items that may grow in value. In the case of Firehouse's Crypto Collection, each of our NFTs are unique. You'll own a moment in time that will never be duplicated. That moment in time is your collectible item that you can sell in the future or keep forever.

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