fritz lang's


(2010 remastered version)

with solo/live/original accompaniment by David DiDonato

Wed Sept 14 @ 7:30pm

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Regarded as one of the most influential films in history, Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent German-Expressionist-science-fiction film comes to Firehouse with original accompaniment/soundtrack composed/performed solo and live by David DiDonato.


Set in a dystopian 2026, Metropolis follows Freder, the wealthy son of the city master, as he follows the beautiful Maria, who reveals to him the horrors of working life below the city. Freder and Maria aim to unite the classes, but when Freder’s father learns of their plans, he tries to thwart the revolution and maintain the status quo by destroying Maria.


We’re screening the 2010 original/complete/remastered version of Lang’s true vision of Metropolis.

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David DiDonato grew up in Williamsburg, VA and moved to Richmond to attend VCU. He now calls Austin his home base. DiDonato brings his world record guitar skills (longest guitar solo, 2012) to performing his original accompaniment live for the 2 hour Metropolis. DiDonato has performed his original/solo live soundtrack to Metropolis around the country since 2014.

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We're requiring all audience members to be fully vaccinated and to wear face masks in Firehouse.