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Jouwala Collective:

traditional african gnawa music meets modern fusion

Wed, Nov 20 @ 7:30pm

$10 adv / $15 day of 

Powerful, seductive and playful, Jouwala Collective derives it’s magic from the many layers of influences that make up this sonic mosaic of deeply rooted traditional music and this generations undeniable hunger for groove. At the heart is Ismail Bouzidoune, a Master Gimbre player from Casablanca, Morocco and the creative force leading this band of gifted collaborators. This seamless blending of time-honored Gnawa music with contemporary and global styles creates a full-sensory experience that holds you in a trance one moment and compels you to dance the next. And that’s the magic of Jouwala Collective - they bring it all back home into One Sound, tastefully and naturally.

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