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a new play by Aiden Orr

Tue, Wed, Thu July 16, 17, 18 @ 7:30pm

$10 advance / $15 day of

Girlhood is scary, exciting, and messy in all the best ways. HOLDING is a coming of age story about two young women having to grapple with truths, competition, and discovery in both their relationships and the world around them. This play takes the chaotic disorder of a young girl's life and amplifies the majestic through music, movement, and magic. Letting go is never easy. 

"For forever, small stories about young white men have been hailed as glorious, nostalgic, and magical. Yet there’s never been much space for the many other members of our society to tell the stories of their youth— messy and mistake-ridden— with a feeling of importance. This is my attempt to give that to myself." -Aiden Orr, playwright

Khadijah Franks - Micah
Emma Olson - Chloe
Laura Shelton Bassin - Heather

Production Team:
Director - Abbey Kincheloe
Production Design - Todd Labelle

Movement Coach - Scout Smith
Original Music Composer - Richie Follin
Stage Manager - Hannah Foleck

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