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In October of its twenty-sixth year FIREHOUSE THEATRE began its annual fund drive. This beloved Richmond icon has been a creative home to thousands of artists and a thriving beacon of truth, beauty,  and new adventures for audiences like you.

Firehouse threw itself at this project with single-minded passion, just like they’ve done countless times before. But this seemed different. There was a haunting sense of deja vu. Something wasn’t quite right.

While the staff addressed, stuffed, and stamped envelopes with the audacious aim of breaking through all the noise and persuading good, kind, and busy people like you to generously support Firehouse by giving money, they were distracted by what they later described to investigators as “low rumbling sobs.”

The distractions mounted. Stamps mysteriously disappeared. Envelopes had to be thrown away because they got ruined with blood from paper cuts or teardrops that appeared from nowhere. The rumbling sobs got louder. Spooked but undaunted, the exhausted staff carried on. They completed the task with a few casualties and ultimately succeeded in getting the mailing to the post office.

The end of this story is in your hands. Please help Firehouse continue to be the most diverse, accessible, and distinctive theatre in Richmond by making a contribution. We’re depending on your kindness and generosity -- and we’re EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for your support.

or mail a check to Firehouse Theatre, 1609 W. Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220