Gamelan Ensemble

an evening of Balinese and Javanese music

Thu Apr 2 @ 7:30pm



Gamelan Raga Kusuma will perform Balinese and Javanese court music on their large set of traditional gamelan instruments. Balinese master musician and mask dancer Gusti Sudarta will lead the ensemble for this performance. The audience will be invited to the stage to try the instruments (and masks) themselves after the show. Traditional Javanese snacks and coffee provided, free of charge. 

Guest Artist:

Dalang (shadow master) I Gusti Putu Sudarta PhD, was born into a family of artists in Bedulu village and has been performing music, dance, and shadow theater since he was six years old. He is a permanent faculty member in the theater department at Indonesian Institute of the Arts (Bali) and holds a masters and PhD in theater from the National Institute of Arts in Solo, Java. He regularly performs various forms of traditional Balinese music, mask dance and wayang kulit (shadow theater) in ceremonial contexts and has taken part in several international tours and inter-cultural experimental music and theater projects. 

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