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Food Truck Residency!

Nana from Ghana will be out here every weekday, 1pm-5pm with DELICIOUS, HOME-MADE, traditional Ghanaian dishes! 

Nana, who also operates the store AFRICAN QUEEN HOUSE, just next door, has been an active member of our Richmond community for over 30 years. Nana's been cooking this type of food her entire life.  With her newly opened food truck she'll cater to events and parties. Her secret?  Traditional Ghanaian recipes, fresh ingredients, good seasoning, and cooked just can't find these meals anywhere else.

She's lovely, friendly, charming, and we can attest folks -- her food is phenomenal. Come on by!

Below is the symbol Gye Nyame, or the Omnipotence of God. Nyame is the God of the Ashtan people, a Kingdom that still exists within present-day Ghana.  Curious to learn more? Come stop by Queen African House and meet Nana!

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