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I once wrote the line in a review, “Every generation has to define theatre for themselves.” It may possibly be the one and only profound thought I had about the theatre, and I stand by that now and forever. If I remember correctly, it was about a play that I wasn’t crazy about, but the audience of mostly younger people seemed to greatly enjoy it. As a reviewer, all I ever tried to do was to be honest and consistent with my reactions. I always felt that the best thing I could be was a signpost. There were people who generally agreed with my assessments, and others who generally disagreed. It’s okay, as long as I was consistent, the listeners or readers could judge for themselves whether they

The Changing Landscape of Theater Reviewing & Some Questions

Lately I’ve been thinking of the changing landscape of writing theater reviews. 1. Over the past year or two, we have experienced a notable reduction in the number of reviews published in the local daily newspaper. 2. In January I attended a conference where I participated on a panel with the publisher of a dance magazine and we debated the future of print publications. 3. Earlier this week I led a workshop on writing theater reviews with a musical theater class at a local high school and I was surprised to learn that the vast majority of these young artists in training prefer print to digital publications. What, first of all, is the purpose of a review? Despite what some may think, it is NO

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