Of Venn Diagrams, Set theory, Theatre, Stand Up, Blues, Fear, And Depression…or, My Journey

I’ve always had a problem with Venn Diagrams. Wait, come back, I promise it’ll all make sense in just a little bit. Seriously, I have a plan. Stick around, please… See, way back in school, I was kind of a math prodigy, even though I hate that word. In a working class neighborhood that didn’t exactly win me any friends, but I didn’t really care. I loved set theory, you know, putting things into categories and looking for connections. My stuffed animals were inventoried and kept in one box, army men in another, and my comic book collection was alphabetical by title and numerical within the set of titles. If you asked me for Hawkman Number 98, I could pinpoint its place within a couple of secon

A Tale of Two Davids (and a Phineas)

Long before I fell in love with the world of theatre (Children’s Theatre of Norfolk’s production of ROBIN HOOD when I was six years old), I was already under the spell of another performing art – magic. I was all of four years old when my parents hired a magician for my brother’s birthday party. It was the usual birthday party stuff; a live rabbit that came out of an empty top hat, silk handkerchiefs that changed color, and a grand finale of links of steel that connected and unconnected at will. The whole thing lasted maybe half an hour and the magician probably had to do a couple of more shows the same day. My bother was hooked, and since he was older than me I followed along. Trips to the

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