The Devil Is In The Details But So Are The Angels

Theatre is one of the most collaborative of all the arts. Writers conceive a world that can take place on a stage, actors give those words voice and depth, directors work up a vision, and audiences watch the finished product and render their judgement. For musicals, add composers who create music that adds to the characters or drives the plot forward and musicians who bring that music to life. Let’s see, am I forgetting someone? Oh yeah, you better believe it. I haven’t given proper respect to the designers who flesh out the world of the play with set, costumes, sound, light, and video. Or to the technicians who build, sew, hang lights, and make sure that every patron can hear what’s being p

WARM Backer's Showing

Wow! What a treat! I’ve been living, working, and attending shows of all kinds in Richmond for more than 20 years, but this was the first time ever attending a backer’s showing – a production held for the purpose of attracting investors. (I can’t really count the Quill Theatre’s fall 2018 production of GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! which is presented in the format of a backer’s showing.) The taste of JC Gonzalez’ new pop-rock opera, WARM, makes me eager to see and hear the finished production. The premise certainly isn’t entirely original: three teenaged runaways find each other and create their own community on the streets of Los Angeles. It reeks of RENT, the 1996 pop-rock musical about impover

A new year begins

One wonderful thing about the New Year is that just about everyone seems ready to tackle something new, try something different, or just be open to any of the infinite possibilities that lay before us. If you are reading this because you see live performances regularly, thank you for your patronage and I have a favor to ask. If you have friends that don’t normally go to the theatre – for any reason whatsoever – I would like for you to talk up the experience. What is it that makes you an enthusiastic audience member? Is it great acting, a great story, something completely unexpected, laughter, music? Or something else entirely? Whatever it is, tell your friends about it. Tell them about how f

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