Lovers and Dreamers and Millennials

I’ve just started seeing notifications about SPARC’s Live Art concert that's scheduled for June 3rd this year. In case you don’t know about it: Live Art is an amazing celebration of the talent of young people regardless of developmental difficulties they might have. Started in 2011, the show always draws some incredible top-line talent and never fails to include some seriously heart-tugging moments. The subtitle this year is “Love” and I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful event. But it’s also months away. No worries: for a preview of the magic that makes Live Art so awesome, you can attend the Dreamers Theater production of INSIDE CLOUD 9 at Firehouse next weekend. Dreamers Theater is a tro


I’ve had the chance to see a few of the Acts of Faith productions and I think it’s curious how many of the shows are about bravery. In our last podcast, I spoke to Brandon Carter from THE CHRISTIANS, a show about a preacher who takes a brave stand in expressing his true beliefs. Margarette Joyner was also a guest and in FREE MAN OF COLOR, a university president encourages a black man to enroll at Ohio University, a courageous action at the time. And in CORPUS CHRISTI both Judas (played by guest Chandler Hubbard) and Joshua have to find the courage to carry out their respective destinies. Of course, in our production of WINGS, former wing-walker Emily Stilson has to bravely face a debilitatin

Books with Weathered Covers

I was talking to someone a few years back who mentioned in passing that she was a runner. The main subject we had been talking about was business intelligence software so I didn’t really think twice about the running remark. I guess I assumed she was the occasional Monument Ave 10K-type runner that I am. We became friends on Facebook and I saw some weeks later that she was planning to do something called the Dopey Challenge. Having no context, I assumed it was something, I don’t know, maybe a little silly. I soon found out it was a yearly challenge held at Disney World where runners run a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and then a Marathon on succeeding days. That’s nearly 50 miles of running over 4

Speaking Out on Shutting Up

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I think I’m legally obligated to make some kind of football-oriented analogy. Perhaps I could posit that the HamilTunes event we held yesterday at the Virginia Historical Society is to “normal theater programming” as the Super Bowl is to “a regular football game:” both a whole lot more and a lot less at the same time. But I’m a scofflaw and will not stoop to that. Instead, I’d like to talk a little about a kerfuffle in the fairly insular world of the local theater community. There was a discussion on a private Facebook group about a Hungarian production of the opera “Porgy and Bess." The production has stirred controversy because, even though it was expressly state

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