Getting Engaged

Engagement. It’s a commitment, an agreement that you are going to give up something – freedom, time, opportunities – with the hope of gaining something in return: sustenance, insight, love. Nuptial engagement is the first one that comes to mind. But all sorts of other engagements don’t involve that level of commitment – taking on a new employment engagement, agreeing to a dinner engagement, being offered a speaking engagement. I’ve just started working as the Community Engagement Manager for Firehouse so I’m thinking a lot about what it takes for someone to become engaged. When I asked my then-girlfriend to marry me back in 1990, it was after years of working through both the specific and es

See you at the theatre

Last night, we held the final meeting of the Firehouse Working Group-- a collection of theatre artists who have graciously agreed to volunteer their time in support of this residency-- and we had a reading of the full draft of my brand new play A Week at the Havens. I’m pleased to report that it went about as well as such readings can go. Yes, it’s only a first draft, and there were a great many places in the script where I jotted such sage notes as “make this better” or “endless, cut-cut-cut” and so on… but at the end of the evening, there was a very clear sense that yes, Virginia, we have a play here. It didn’t seem to be missing anything critical (“Shouldn’t Hamlet SEE the ghost?”) and

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