Together or alone?

For a theatre to commit to a playwright’s residency is a strong and clear declaration. It says not only that it believes in that particular writer, but that it believes in the importance of new work, and is determined to do whatever it can to foster the creation of new work and to shepherd that work to the living stage. It is a noble enterprise in which there are many winners: the writer, the theatre, the local theatre-going community, and-- if the work is as worthy as those involved hope and believe-- the regional, national, and even international theatre community. I’m concerned to note that my work as Firehouse’s Playwright in Residence has hit a bit of a snag. It’s somewhat mysterious

Writing is a real job

Oops! I’ve been regretting this blog! But not without reason-- I’ve been busy writing, so I’m hoping that there’s some leeway available to a playwright whose Playwright Blog has been neglected because he’s been so busy writing plays. Yes, plays, plural. I’ve always been comfortable with multiple projects in my head. It’s useful to me when feeling sluggish in my progress on one thing to switch to another thing. (I don’t know what would happen if ever I became sluggish in my progress on everything. Let’s pretend we didn’t even think about that.) Generally, difficulty in my writing comes from standing too close to it, overthinking little things until they grow and become the big things.

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