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For this entry, I want to talk about two things: First, I want you to imagine me with a gigantic grin as I say that the first meeting with the Firehouse Working Group was tremendously fun. Several generous and talented people showed up to lend their voices to the first few pages of Food Clothing and Shelter, and they also had a great many wonderful ideas for the future of that piece. It was exciting and it was useful, both in concrete, specific ways, and in the harder to characterize (but no less important) sense of energizing my work. I don’t know whether I can accurately convey the difference in chemistry between working alone and working with (or on behalf of) a group. Writing is necess


So today was a pretty big day for this Residency. To start with the morning paper featured a review of The Boatwright that called it “brilliant,” “bold” and “a masterpiece.” Now, I’ve gotten plenty of reviews in my life, calling me everything from “witless” to “lucid” (which, though meant as a compliment, felt rather like being called “breathing.”) to “great fun”… but one learns to treat them more as a weather report than as a diagnosis from a leading cardiologist. If you put too much stock in them, the ups and downs will simply kill you. Still. In your private heart of hearts, you fantasize about that perfect review you’d like to get someday…. and this morning’s piece by Tony Farrell came

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