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Doc Volz's

Magical Mad Science & Medicine Show

Sat July 24 @ 7:30pm

$11 advance, $15 day of



Doc Volz is a mesmerist, mad scientist, and medicine man who has traveled the 'verse entertaining, educating and eradicating audiences everywhere.

Described by his fellow professors at Miscatonic U. as a "chrono-tard," he's traveled extensively through time, space, and three dimensions. His unintentionally extended stay in (what are now termed) the "dark ages” heavily influenced his career as an inventor and healer. Once described by Leonardo DiVinci as "most helpful in entertaining Miss Lisa" prior to her portrait sitting, he is also the very man that Nicola Tesla named "most likely to electrocute his damned fool self."

The good doctor has crashed...sorry...chosen to visit The FirehouseTheatre this year in order to demonstrate many of his new inventions such as the re-folliculator (instant hair-regrowth for the follicle impaired), chrono-tardi-cellerator (a portable time machine), biotelemetric disapparator (teleportation - hopefully without all that messy turning someone inside-out again rot), and of course his celebrated and much anticipated high potency, liver-regulated, gastro-pepto-emulsifying elixir of life.

Other surprise adventures in store might potentially include a flea circus, a vanished elephant, or a lovely assistant cut in twain whilst being tied down by audience volunteers.
Her restoration is unlikely.

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS for more information on Larry Volz & his shows

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