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1st Drafts and Bagels

Sat, June 22 @ 12n

$5 suggested donation at door

​Need some dynamic theatre to elevate your weekend?

Join us at Firehouse for mimosas and bagels and participate in the creative process of making a new play. 1st Drafts and Bagels program is geared towards providing opportunities for playwrights to workshop material followed by a talk back with the audience to collaborate on further developing the work. 

THE WITCH PROJECT (working title)

conceived and written by Emma Givens



Addie Barnhart

George Dippold

Jimmy Mello

Cole Metz

Walter Riddle

Tommy Vincent

"Takes Roses, Violets, Cowslips, or Gilly-Flours, and pick them from the white bottoms, then have boiled to a Candy height Sugar, and put in so many Flours as the Sugar will receive, and continually stir them with the back of a Spoon, and when you see the Sugar harden on the sides of the Skillet, and on the Spoon, take them off the Fire, and keep them with stirring in the warm Skillet, till you see them part, and the Sugar as it were sifted upon them."

Each time I read or see Macbeth, I'm always left feeling the absence of the witches; for characters who play such a large role in the play and in our zeitgeist, they don't have a lot of stage time. Why are they assigned so much responsibility when they do practically nothing? How do they fit into different cultures? What does it mean to be a witch now?

Since summer of 2018, this group of actors has been working together to create a physical vocabulary and world that informed how I put together the performance text. Taking words from several plays and court cases, the performance text is an exploration of the genesis of a world of magic and the witch archetype. Pagan and Wicca religions are based in the idea that everything is connected, and so it is from that place of connection that this piece began.

--Emma Givens

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