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created and performed by NEED TEATRO

Fri, March 18th and Sat, March 19th @ 8pm

Sun, March 20th @ 3pm


Performed in Italian

Need Teatro presents their original production TOY’S HOME -- a place where past, present, and future collide. Katia, a business woman at the beginning of her career, returns to her childhood home to try to save it from foreclosure and reconcile with her overbearing mother and estranged brother. At home, Katia experiences the echoes and artifacts of the incidents and emotions that drove her away. Amidst a circus of dancing lights and shadows, the home stands as a desolate and decaying monument of promises unfulfilled.

TOY'S HOME is written and directed by Jacopo Squizzato and performed by Katia Mirabella, Paola Compostella, and Jacopo Squizzato. Performances are in Italian.

Need Teatro is a company of theatre-makers from Verona, Italy. Their mission is to create original performance works that reflect on and critique fundamental characteristics of Italian culture including family, tradition, generational change, and economic inequality. Company members have studied with Teatro Stabile di Torino and Piccolo Teatro in Milan, and their members have worked with noted European directors such as Jan Lauwers, Maria Consagra, Eugenio Barba, and Thomas Richards. The company blends their training in commedia dell’arte, mask work, physical theatre, and Italian Opera into a unique performance style.  

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