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A Chamber Opera

Composed by Richard L. Rose

Tues, April 10 @ 7pm

$12 suggested donation

A memoir of Bataan

about the consequences of a military family’s duties to country and each other.

AMBER considers the wounds of war and racism. 

Presented in a concert-opera format by members of Capitol Opera Richmond, the work appears this spring in different arrangements at four venues.

The composer Richard L. Rose is a retired teacher whose previous productions in Richmond were THE FISHER OF THE JAMES in 2012 and IN SWEET SURRENDER in 2015. He's produced other operas in Northern Virginia, published the novel Frameshifts in 2011, and is publishing a new work, Coming Around, with Brandylane/Belle Isle Press this month. This book is a companion to STRIKE THE ROCK!  and will be available at the productions.  For more information, see Rose’s blogsite:


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