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1st Drafts and Bagels

no reservations -- just show up

$5 suggested donation at door


Join us for mimosas and bagels and participate in the creative process of making a new play.

​1st Drafts and Bagels brings together playwrights, directors, performers, and you to hear and talk about new short plays (or pieces of longer plays).

​Sat Feb 18 @ 12n


by Mark Meire

Directed by Andrew Gall

Readers - Laura Shelton Bassin, Daniel Moore

In Edwardian England Henry Head intensifies his research on the nervous system to win a Nobel Prize and cement his legacy before Parkinson's disease stops him. His wife Ruth Mayhew has her own agenda, to spend time with her husband while she still can and to atone for ruining his career to save their marriage. 

Sat March 4 @ 12n


by Julie Portman

Directed by Joel Bassin and Sarbajeet Das

Reader - Boomie Pedersen

"Inside each one of us there is a place that sleeps with one eye open. It is the eye that lives in dreams and is always asking questions. Every blink of the eye is the beginning and the end of a story. Like this one. A long time ago I met an extraordinary man with a most unusual gift –- a gift he shared with me." -- Julie Portman


​​Sat April 8 @ 12n


by Kieran Rundle

Directed by TBD

Readers - TBD

On the last car at the end of a timeless train a group of individuals, each fleeing from the uncontrollable events of their lives, jump onboard with hopes of escape and an encounter with the one passenger who can never leave. 


Sat Oct 1 @ 12n


by Andrew Gall, from Henry David Thoreau

Directed by Andrew Gall

Readers: Talon Bleacher, Alvan Bolling II, Andrew Firda, Todd LaBelle

Lester Franklin is a high-powered political operative on the MAGA team who takes the fall for his cronies with the promise of a quick pardon. When the pardon doesn't come and Lester's life starts to unravel, he's dragged kicking and screaming into the transcendental world of Henry David Thoreau's WALDEN that he's forced to read and report on in his prison education program.

Sat Dec 17 @ 12n

​ROOM 101

by Todd LaBelle

Directed by Grace LaBelle

Readers - Talon Bleacher, Claire Bronchick, Erik DeMario, Piper Hawley-Hayes, Sean Wohlford

Told from the perspective of Orwell's protagonist Winston Smith in 1984 during his interrogation/torture by the Inner Party, we witness his experiences of joining the rebellion, falling in love,  and fighting against the party he's come to hate.

1st Drafts and Bagels is made possible through the generosity of Gina Maria McKenzie

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