10 to Places

Firehouse Forum Podcast

10 TO PLACES is a Firehouse Forum podcast focused on the new works being produced at Firehouse Theatre. This monthly podcast will explore the themes of the various world premieres we're producing this season through interviews with thought leaders, area specialists, and artists who are making the shows.

The podcast gives a sneak peek into these shows through the eyes of the engaging 10 TO PLACES hosts Sydnee Graves and

Nora Ogunleye.


Sydnee Graves


What’s up everyone, my name is Sydnee and I’m a Dallas native who moved to RVA in 2018. Theatre has always been one of my loves as well as all things Disney!!! When I’m not performing you can catch me either listening to/watching new musicals, or studying one of the languages I'm currently learning. You may see me on stage at Firehouse in the near future, but until then I’m excited to share my love for theatre with all of you through this podcast! Talk to you soon, ok byyyyyeeeee!!!! 😊


Nora Ogunleye


Hiiii! My name is Nora Ogunleye and I’m a local actress and writer in the Richmond community. I’ve been an RVA baddie for about five years now and have fallen in love with all the art and passion I’ve found here. I was last seen on stage at Richmond Triangle Players in “Molly House” for their new works festival and, as of this summer, I gained the title of playwright with my new children’s play entitled “Buffalo Soldier: The Cathay Williams Story” being produced by The Illuminated Stage Theatre Company in the fall of 2022. Outside of this podcast, you can catch me reading a cheesy romance novel or listening to vinyls with my bunny Samoa! Thanks for joining us. Okay, byeeee!


PJ Freebourn

Producer/ Editor

PJ here. I'm an Associate Producer at Firehouse Theatre. I've spent the last 15 years as a director, actor, voice actor ,and singer creating theatre across the United States. Since I was the only one with voice over experience, I was the "natural" choice to produce and edit. It's my  first podcast. Be nice :P